If Kristen Bell can do it, why not Zach Braff?

Kickstarter has become the place to get whatever project you have in mind moving, especially if you’re famous. Zach is the latest star to use the site to fund his new film Wish I Was Here, a kinda-sorta follow up to Garden State."

After I saw the incredible way Veronica Mars fans rallied around Kristen Bell and her show's creator Rob Thomas, I couldn't help but think maybe there is a new way to finance smaller, personal films that didn't involve signing away all your artistic control," Zach says.

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In just a few hours since the video went live, Zach’s Kickstarter has raised more than $250,000 and let’s be honest –- that number will increase. Bringing in stars like Jim Parsons, Donald Faison and Chris Hardwick, it’s pretty easy to be persuaded by his passion for the film, which was co-written by Zach and will be directed by and starring as well.

So what is Wish I Was Here about, exactly? It isn’t a sequel to Garden State per se, but the tone will be the same, following a man in his 30s who fantasizes about being a Space Knight. His brother is a Comic-Con veteran who loves dressing up in a space suit. Yup, this will have comic fans running to donate.

Zach is asking for $2 million by this time next month, which might not be too difficult. We’re rooting for him!

What do you think about Zach asking for money on Kickstarter?

Good idea or not so much?