Is there a real-life Bling Ring going down at Cannes?

Sofia Coppola’s movie is all the rage this year as one of the most anticipated releases of the summer for both the arthouse crowd and mainstream moviegoers. And while you might expect such an event to be nothing but glitz and glamour, Cannes has also seen some pretty shady business go down this year, with gunshots interrupting Christoph Waltz’s TV appearance and a rash of robberies of wealthy fest-goers that has everyone a little worried.

While doing some press for the film, Bling Ring star Emma Watson was asked about the robberies ― “It wasn’t me!” she assures us ― as well as about how she prepared for this role and why she took it in the first place.

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The most headline-grabbing incident has been the disappearance of $1 million worth of Chopard jewelry, which happened Thursday night. China Film Group VP Zhang Qiang was hit next with a burglary of luggage from his villa, causing him to dismiss Cannes (and all of France) altogether on social media.

It didn’t stop there. Another couple of film execs returned to their shared villa to find valuable items missing yesterday. “In the span of an hour they had gotten into the house through the roof and gone through all of our rooms,” said one of the victims. “They only took cash, laptops, iPads and women’s jewelry but left our passports and credit cards. They were very professional.”

Like Zhang Qiang, they said the French police weren’t very helpful, claiming this sort of thing happens a lot. There are also reports of muggings, assaults, and other robberies of entertainment professionals in town for the fest, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While thefts happen just about every year at Cannes, it seems they’ve gotten particularly bad this time around.

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It almost seems like this is just publicity for The Bling Ring, a film about a bunch of young people who start robbing houses of wealthy stars like Paris Hilton (based on actual events). Emma opened up in an interview from Cannes about taking her most challenging role yet ― and said it’s mainly thanks to Sofia Coppola.

“I basically would have done any role she had offered me,” Emma said as a huge fan of her work and her style of directing. “I don’t know that I would have taken on a role like this if it hadn’t been Sofia.”

Emma also surprisingly revealed that this is only her second film festival ever, and that she was nervous about the audience response because Cannes audiences are notoriously vocal when they don’t like a movie. Fortunately for us all, it seems the movie was well-received and we can look forward to a great summer flick.

Will you check out The Bling Ring in theaters?

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