Could the Cleveland-area McDonald's fan Charles Ramsey become the next major pop star?

The Ohio native, whose interview with a local TV station about rescuing the three women held captive for a decade in his neighbor's home went viral due to some hilarious liners, saw the autotuned version of the interview go mega-viral with 12 million views in just six days. There are now reports that he's been approached to cash in on his 15 minutes and record an actual song.

While we can't blame him for taking advanatge of the perks of unexpected fame, we just hope he doesn't get delusions of grandeur like some other "accidentally famous" people. Check out our roundup of eight people who recorded singles to keep their "careers" afloat, but made our ears bleed in the procees.

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1. Tan Mom, "It's Tan Mom"

The candidate for worst mother of the year made headlines not only for allegedly putting her six-year-old daughter in a tanning booth (and getting arrested for it), but for her freakishly leathery complexion. Since then, she's gone to rehab and made porn company Vivid Entertainment an offer for a hardcore sex tape. Oh yeah, and tried to rap on this song that's almost as much of a trainwreck as she is.


2. Octomom, "Sexy Party"

The Octomom will need to hire a ton of nannies if she ever wants to have a sexy party. She recorded this song with Adam Barta, who also "produced" the Tan Mom single. It's autotuned within an inch of its life and she somehow manages to throw in a reference to the Octoloan company she endorsed last eyar.


3. Sweet Brown, "Cold Poppin"

She's already got the perfect name for a recording artist. But ain't nobody got time for a single like this.


4. Jonah Falcon, "It's Too Big"

What is it with Adam Barta wanting to record songs with freaks of nature? Earlier this month, he linked up for a song with Jonah, who is best known for having the world's biggest penis. He's attempted an acting career, but has refused to go the obvious route by starring in porn. Jonah is now attempting a career at singing songs about his freakishly large unit. We can't comment on the size of his member, but we can say that he's got huge balls for subjecting us to this.


5. Chris Crocker, "Mind In The Gutter"

Remember the "Leave Britney Alone" guy? He's recorded a bunch of Spears-style songs since then, including this 2008 track. "Chris Crocker's on the loose, are you scared yet?" he coos. If he's on his way into a recording studio, then yes. We are.


6. Courtney Stodden, "Reality"

Now that Courtney is no longer an attention-seeking child bride and one of countless attention-seeking teenagers, her "fame" has lost its luster. She tried to revive it earlier this year by recording the song "Reality," which is ironic given her tenuous grip on it. It could have been far worse, but it's never a good sign when the love interest in your video looks like they don't want to touch you with a 10-foot pole.


7. Farrah Abraham, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom"

Farrah recorded this song after she had left Teen Mom, so we consider a reality star without a show to be a non-celebrity. And while we would never encourage anyone to do porn, she might as well stick to something she's good at because music certainly isn't it. Not only does she sound like a cat in heat, but the lyrics make absolutely no sense. "My head's on Thursday / Look back fast is gone from back underneath the day," she sings. Uh, what?


8. Antoine Dodson, "Lovesick Lullaby"

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo stereo because Antoine recorded a song. The "Bed Intruders" YouTube sensation attempted a slick R&B ballad and we have to admit that it's pretty decent. We're more apt to believe he's a singer than his recent claims that he's no longer gay...

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Which non-celeb song do you think was the worst?

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