Another year, another installment of The Bachelorette.

The ninth season of the show kicked off on Monday and Desiree Hartsock, who was rejected by Sean Lowe in Season 17 of The Bachelor, whittled down her pool to 19 after the first episode. She even eliminated a potential show villain in Jonathan, who decided to ditch any efforts at courting and offered to take her straight to the Fantasy Suite.

However, Jonathan's antics don't even come close to some of the most notoriously awful contestants in the show's history. Check out our roundup of the eight worst Bachelorette cast members of all time!

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1. Justin Rego (Season 6)

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Anyone who characterizes themselves as a wrestler named "Rated R" already raises a few red flags. His fellow cast members on Season 6 had little issue in branding him as two-faced and dupliticious, but he still managed to gain sympathy from Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky. However, that all changed when she discovered he a girlfriend back home in Canada. He ultimately fled the show when she confronted him and insisted that the girl back home was lying.


2. Wes Hayden (Season 5)

After breaking out his guitar and announcing that he was kind of a big deal as a musician in Chihuahua, Mexico, we pretty much assumed Wes was a sleazeball who was on the show only to promote his music. He managed to deny the rumors that he already had a girlfriend, but cemented his place in villain history by admitting after his elimination that he was the first contestant to make it to the final four with a girlfriend back home.


3. Bentley Williams (Season 7)

Bentley initially impressed Bachelorette Ashley Hebert as a single dad from Utah, but he spent the entire season proceeding to talk smack about her during his private interviews. Describing her as an "ugly duckling" and "not attractive at all," he exited the show using his daughter as a scapegoat to go home and even managed to turn on the crocodile tears during his explanation. However, his psychopathic tendencies were on full display and made him arguably the most hated contestant of all time.


4. Dave Good (Season 5)

Dave didn't exactly come off well during his time on the show. Giving "The Man Code" a bad name, his testosterone-fueled range and douchy frat boy behavior alienated viewers and made him one of the most disliked contestants of his season. However, he went on the inaugural season of Bachelor Pad to repair his image and ended up winning along with Natalie Getz.


5. Jeff Medolla (Season 7)

For reasons that defy logic, Jeff went all Phantom of the Opera on us and wore a mask throughout his time on the show. He said he did it to prove a point about how looks are overrated, but it seems that wasn't the case; the moment he took off his mask, he was eliminated from the house.


6. Tim McCormack (Season 7)

"I had a few cocktails," said liquor distributor Tim, in the understatement of the century. Ashley seemed to get all the hot messes during her season because after visibly slurring his words, Tim ended up passing out and snoring after she left to get him a glass of water. Needless to say, he didn't last very long. Afterwards, Tim admitted that watching his drunken behavior "was extremely humiliating."


7. Kalon McMahon (Season 8)

Emily Maynard was pretty ladylike throughout her season, but she lost it on Kalon after he referred to her young daughter as "baggage." She declared that she was going to go "West Virginia hoodrat" on him and then ordered him to "get the f*ck out." She later apologized for her choice of words, but not for kicking him out of the house.


8. Jake Pavelka (Season 5)

Jake didn't do anything inherently wrong during his season, although he was definitely perceived as someone who loved attention and the spotlight more than any woman. However, his after-show altercation with Vienna Girardi was completely over-the-top in its ridiculousness and portrayed Jake as condescending and arrogant. However, he managed to parlay his villain image into a brief reality show career that even included an appearance on Dancing With the Stars.


Who do you think is the worst Bachelorette contestant of all time?

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