A day after he caused all kinds of speculation for tweeting the mysterious date “June 18,” Kanye West is part of another “mystery date” ― this time, surrounding the day of his wedding to Kim Kardashian.

Yep, now that Kim’s divorce is finalized, Kanye is free to go someplace Ray J didn’t hit first ― down the aisle with Kim.

RadarOnline has reported that a wedding date is now in place for the nuptials, set soon after the baby is born. (No, not June 18.) The actual date is still shrouded in secrecy, but apparently the couple has asked for “no media” present during the festivities. (Does this include Kim’s reality shows? How are we supposed to keep up with Kardashians if they don’t invite us to the wedding?)

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The source who broke the news says Kim will wear an “ethereal white wedding dress” ― does “ethereal” mean “appropriately loose for the body of a woman who just gave birth”? ― and she wants a nighttime wedding in Big Sur in California. Wedding photos will apparently not be sold for profit.

Let’s just hope for Kim ― or at least for the sake of her baby ― that the third time’s a charm, and this marriage lasts.

How long do you think Kimye will last?


Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet