He can kick ass, looks great in a tuxedo, and isn’t above delivering a dry one-liner just before punching you in the face. But are we talking about Bruce Wayne or James Bond?

With its brooding tone, return to scene of the hero’s haunted childhood, and gonzo villain (played by Javier Bardem), last year's Skyfall earned apt comparisons to The Dark Knight, so perhaps it’s a no-brainer that Christopher Nolan has been approached to direct not one but two new Bond movies.

Nothing is official yet, but Christopher Nolan in in informal talks with the longtime Bond producers about helming the 24th 007 movie following Skyfall, the most successful film ever in the decades-spanning franchise.

The producers also want to film the 25th movie very close to the 24th, so it’s possible that Nolan would shoot both and, presumably they’d be more connected than most Bond movies tend to be. Bond might actually sleep with the same woman in more than one movie! (Just kidding... that would never happen.)

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Nolan’s next movie is Interstellar, a heady sci-fi trip about wormholes and Einstein hypotheses, starring the red-hot teaming of Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, and Anne Hathaway. The downside to Nolan directing a Bond movie is that he wouldn’t be able to shoot it until around Instellar’s November 2014 release date, which means we’d get no Bond for a very long time. (Late 2015 or summer 2016, probably.) The studio will likely not want to wait that long to rake in more money from the Daniel Craig era. (He'll age out of the role before too long, after all.)

Sam Mendes, director of Skyfall, has turned down the next Bond, but clearly producers are looking for someone who can bring dramatic gravity in addition to action chops. Nolan is the right guy for the job, considering that Skyfall was basically the Dark Knight of the 007 series, though there are probably many other filmmakers eager for the gig.

Would you want to see a Bond movie from the Dark Knight director?

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