A diva is a female version of a hustler. And also, anyone who makes outrageous demands just because they’re rich, famous, and can get away with it.

Beyonce joins stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry in the “ridiculous, insane, over-the-top tour rider” club with a newly released set of demands for her upcoming Mrs. Carter World Tour that includes red toilet paper, titanium straws, and a “hand-carved ice ball” to soothe her throat.

A year or so ago, Beyonce was the sort of celebrity that almost everyone loved. But lately, it seems her diva-liciousness has only grown exponentially, thanks to her HBO vanity project (she calls it a documentary), an Amanda Bynes-like obsession with which photos of her are published, and her embracing that “Queen Bey” nickname which really does her humility no favors.

Now, we’re getting full-on diva from the Beyonce tour rider released by an Aussie news outlet ― not that anyone’s exactly surprised by Bey making diva demands. Still, there are a few quirky ones that rival Gaga’s pink-pubed mannequin.

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Beyonce apparently insists that everyone on the crew wear only 100% cotton to save her from any possible allergens. (In other words: make Beyonce sneeze, and you're fired.) Her dressing room walls must be off-white. (Eggshell? Ivory? Be more specific, please!) She even has very specific demands for her bathroom ― a brand-new toilet seat at every venue and only red toilet paper.  

Spell it out with us: D-I-V-A.

That’s not it, either. Bey needs a hand-carved ice ball to cool her throat after performing (okay), healthy snacks like oatcakes (sensible), and $900 worth of titanium straws with which to drink her special alkaline water, served at exactly 21 degrees Celsius (whoa).

Now aren’t you glad you’re not the poor assistant who has to make sure all this is provided on a nightly basis? Where exactly do you get red toilet paper if you should happen to run out, anyway?

Do you think Bey's demands are unreasonable?

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet