Who would dare slap Beyonce’s ass?

Besides Jay-Z, maybe, we doubt many people in this world would. But one fan in Copenhagen dared to do just that, touching the Queen Bey’s regal posterior without realizing that her body is way too bootylicious for the average man.

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If there’s one person we’d be afraid to molest, it’s Beyonce. We know her diva attitude doesn’t tolerate unflattering photos or normal-colored toilet paper, so we can only imagine how she’d school us if we were to grab her booty.

Fortunately for this fan, he seems to have gotten off easy. No giant claw came from the sky to whisk him away, nor did any Illuminati members show up in his apartment after the show to sacrifice him, nor did he meet Jay-Z in a dark alley on his way home. “I will have you escorted out of here,” Bey said, but then she didn’t bother.

After all, Beyonce has more important things to worry about a concert, like whether or not the walls are too white, or if her throat-soothing ice ball is the right temperature.

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In other performance news, Kelly Rowland gave her song “Dirty Laundry” a live airing out ― and teared up! This is especially notable since thisis the song in which she admits she’s jealous of her Destiny’s Child-mate’s charmed existence. Which might be why she insisted on merely “featuring” Bey on her new song “You’ve Changed.”

Do you think Beyonce's ass-grabbing fan got off easy?

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images