Is she or isn’t she?

People can’t seem to stop talking about the fact that Beyoncé may or may not be with child, and after she cancelled a Mrs. Carter Tour show in Belgium that was scheduled for Tuesday night, even more fuel is being added to the pregnancy fire.

It all began after The New York Post revealed that sources confirmed this rumor is totally true, but while Beyoncé’s team squashed the story yesterday, it’s back yet again after Queen Bey cancelled her show in Belgium due to “exhaustion.”

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When inside sources were confronted with the pregnancy rumor yesterday, they told Us Weekly, “This rumor again? Don’t be silly,” and added, “I know another kid is in the future, but it wouldn’t make sense for her right now while on tour.”

Maybe Beyoncé isn’t pregnant, maybe she is -– maybe she’s an actual human being and is wearing herself out. Here are five reasons we think she may have cancelled tonight’s show:

1. She’s Pregnant:

The big one. We know Beyoncé and Jay-Z are itching to have another child. She recently even told ABC News, “I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister [to Solange].” Plus, wouldn't it be easier for Blue Ivy to start a girl group if she could just recruit her little twin sisters Red Fern and Yellow Cactus to join her?

2. She’s Just Really, Really Tired:

Wait… so does that mean she really is human? She had us fooled with her many, many flawless photos.

3. She’s Playing Hooky:

Here’s what’s strange -– the Cannes Film Festival is kicking off this week and Red Carpet Fashion revealed on Twitter that Beyoncé is confirmed to attend the festivities on Wednesday. But she’s also scheduled to perform in Belgium that night too. Come on, Bey –- we know you’re fabulous and all, but there’s no way you can be two places at once. Could she be ditching Belgium for France?

4. The Water Temperature Wasn’t Right:

21 degrees Celsius, people! Is that so hard to get right?! Bey might have refused to drink any water that wasn't chilled to perfection, thus causing her to be so parched.

5. Her Dressing Room Walls Weren’t The Right Color White:

It’s clearly stated on her tour rider that off-white walls are to be painted in her dressing room –- not plain white. Someone’s getting fired for that mistake. (It's also possible that her toilet paper wasn't red enough.)

What do you guys think? Do you think Beyoncé is pregnant or is she really just exhausted?

Or could she also be trying to go to Cannes instead?

Photos Courtesy of Beyonce's Tumblr