Who needs media photographers or paparazzi when you can just hire your own?

While this may be Amanda Bynes’ dream, Beyoncé made it happen because, well she’s Beyoncé and she can. After banning photographers from her Mrs. Carter World Tour, it was reported that she would hire her own to take nothing but flawless pictures of her. Now the first set from her tour has hit the web -– most specifically her Tumblr. Amanda has her Twitter, Bey has her Tumblr.

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Beyoncé posted a huge chunk of rehearsal and concert photos to her blog and well, they’re perfect. But are we honestly surprised? We already knew we weren’t going to see pictures like these. Only photos of Bey looking like a freaking glowing goddess were chosen, as we predicted.

With Amanda’s demand that media outlets only use photos from her Twitter account –- awful, blurry photos all -– we’re left wondering if the very idea of paparazzi will slowly go out the window. Do photo agencies need to exist anymore when celebrities can just hire their own photographer and release pre-approved photos to us? And then demand those are the only ones we use?

Times are a-changin’ and soon we could see stars walking around the streets of LA, New York or wherever with their own personal paparazzi in tow, only to look over their pictures afterwards. Wait, didn’t Amanda try to do that last summer? Oh right, she did.

Maybe it’s time some celebrities face the fact that, sadly, they are just like us and can’t look perfect all the time.

What do you think about Beyoncé hiring her own personal photographer?

Photos Courtesy of Beyonce's Tumblr