The main cast of Arrested Development is comprised of some of the funniest comedic actors in the biz, so you wouldn’t think they’d need much support.

And sure, “need” might not be the right word for it, but in addition to the hilarious Bluth clan, Arrested Development has also had a bevy of guest stars who are almost as memorable ― many of whom will return when the series heads to Netflix with new episodes on May 26.

It's Day Two of Bluth Week, as we celebrate the return of one of our fave comedies of all time. So today, from the not-so-blind Maggie Lizer to the amazingly-named Bob Loblaw, here’s our round-up of the best of Arrested Development’s guest stars ― power-ranked, naturally.


1. Carl Weathers as Carl Weathers

The Role: A cheapskate C-list actor who becomes Tobias’ acting “mentor.” (Really, he’s just ripping him off.)

Number of Episodes: 3

Fun Fact: Known as a tough guy from Predator and the Rocky movies, Carl Weathers turned to making fun of that image in Arrested Development and Happy Gilmore. (And also ran for mayor of New Orleans?)

Best Line: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s still plenty of meat on that bone. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going.”


2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Maggie Lizer

The Role: A lawyer who cons her way to sympathy by pretending to be blind, pregnant, etc. She and Michael have a love affair even though they’re on opposite ends of a case.

Number of Episodes: 4

Fun Fact: Julia now stars with Arrested Development’s Buster (Tony Hale) on HBO’s Veep. He plays her meek but loyal assistant Gary.

Best Line: “I'm Maggie Lizer. As in ‘Maggie lies her ass off.’"


3. Ed Begley, Jr. as Stan Sitwell

The Role: A business rival of George Bluth ― and secret biological father of Lindsay. He has alopecia, so all the hair on his body is fake (and frequently falling out of place).

Number of Episodes: 5

Fun Fact: Like his TV counterpart, Ed Begley, Jr. spends a lot of his time on charitable causes... he has numerous environmental affiliations. (Unlike his TV counterpart, he has hair.)

Best Line: Gob: "You look surprised." Stan [adjusting fake eyebrow]: "I'm sorry, I must've put it on too high."


4. Scott Baio as Bob Loblaw

The Role: Bluth family lawyer and writer of Bob Loblaw's Law Blog.

Number of Episodes: 4

Fun Fact: Bob Loblaw replaces Barry Zuckercorn as the Bluth family lawyer. In real life, Scott Baio replaced Henry Winkler on Happy Days, which is why Bob says he “skews younger” than Barry in his first appearance.

Best Line: The newspaper headline “Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb.”


6. Amy Poehler as the never-named Bride of Gob

The Role: A random woman Gob marries on a whim one crazy night. She is a saleswoman of seals who falls for Tobias and then joins the army when she can’t have him.

Number of Episodes: 5

Fun Fact: Amy and Gob (AKA Will Arnett) really were married, for a slightly longer period of time (nine years), but separated last year.

Best Line: "I'm in love with your brother-in-law."


7. Charlize Theron as Rita Leeds

The Role: A hat-loving British woman suspected of being a spy before it becomes obvious that she’s just mentally challenged. She and Michael have a brief romance and engagement that, like all of Michael's romances, doesn't quite pan out.

Number of Episodes: 5

Fun Fact: An unflattering still of Charlize from her Oscar-winning role as a serial killer in Monster is used as a "one year earlier" flashback for Rita.

Best Line: "Rita corny, Michael!"


8. James Lipton as Warden Stefan Gentles

The Role: The warden of Orange County Prison who would prefer to be a Hollywood screenwriter. He helps Tobias research a role as Frightened Inmate #2 and becomes infatuated with actual inmate George’s wife Lucille.

Number of Episodes: 4

Fun Fact: The famous host of Inside The Actor’s Studio hadn’t acted in a movie or on a TV show for 50 years before his Arrested Development appearance.

Best Line: "I don't know why I always assume that everyone has read my screenplay."


9. Martin Short as “Uncle” Jack Dorso

The Role: An actor with considerable upper body strength who has lost the use of his legs. He’s a family friend of the Bluths.

Number of Episodes: 1

Fun Fact: Several other Arrested guests appeared on Martin's Primetime Glick comedy, including Ben Stiller, Andy Richter, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Best Line: "To the nuts!"


10. Ben Stiller as Tony Wonder

The Role: A magician rival of Gob who performs such wonders as baking himself into a giant sandwich for the troops and producing Hannukkah cookies out of thin air.

Number of Episodes: 2

Fun Fact: His real-life wife Christine Taylor also appeared in two episodes of Arrested Development ― but they were different episodes.

Best Line: "Did somebody say wonder?"



11. Jane Lynch as Cindi Lightballoon

The Role: A government mole who pretended to be a follower of George’s Caged Wisdom videos in order to get dirt on his guilt... but ended up truly falling for him.

Number of Episodes: 2

Fun Fact: Lucille calls Cindi a "redwood of a whore." That's a reference to Jane's height -- she's 6'.

Best Line: "Mr. Bluth, I'm Cindi Lightballoon. I've studied all your teachings, and I've purchased every tape, and I watch them over and over... I've also lost four pounds on your low-carb Bluth Banana Jail Bars. I've come to learn at your feet!"


12. Christine Taylor as Sally Sitwell

The Role: The longtime object of Michael’s affection and daughter of Stan Sitwell.

Number of Episodes: 2

Fun Fact: One of the Arrested episodes Christine appeared on was titled “Burning Love.” Now she plays Symphony on the Bachelor parody show Burning Love.

Best Line: "You're always looking for things to get between us. First it was, what is your son going to think? And now you think you're having a baby because a woman who lies told you you weren't."


12. Thomas Jane as Thomas Jane

The Role: A man who Lindsay thinks is a movie star but then realizes is homeless… but actually, he’s a movie star researching the role of Homeless Dad.

Number of Episodes: 1

Fun Fact: Thomas Jane starred as a gigolo on the HBO show Hung, where his ex-wife was played by Anne Heche... AKA, the ex of Portia de Rossi's wife Ellen DeGeneres.

Best Line: "I just want my kids back!"


13. Heather Graham as Beth Baerly

The Role: George Michael’s ethics teacher, who has a thing for Saddam Hussein. George Michael has a big crush on her, which is complicated when Michael ends up sleeping with her (and then tells his son it was actually Gob).

Number of Episodes: 1

Fun Fact: Heather Graham played the wife of another one-time Arrested guest, Ed Helms, in The Hangover.

Best Line: "You really mean it? This isn’t one of your 'my wife died' jokes?"


14. Zach Braff as Phillip Litt

The Role: The producer of a Girls Gone Wild-style series called Girls With Low Self-Esteem. He is a rival of Lindsay’s, whom she outs as a Never-Nude.

Number of Episodes: 2

Fun Fact: Zach's first appearance in the episode "S.O.B.s" is part of a celebrity-filled episode that is all a meta joke about how to save Arrested Development from cancellation (with jokes about it moving to Showtime or HBO). Obviously, that did end up happening, seven years later, thanks to Netflix.

Best Line: "Ladies, here’s the deal. We have hats. You have breasts. You show your breasts, you get a hat, okay? So, if anybody wants to get back at daddy... now’s the time."


15. Ed Helms as James Carr

The Role: A realtor that Lindsay thought was hitting on her (but wasn’t).

Number of Episodes: 1

Fun Fact: Ed returns in the first officially released clip from the new fourth season (above)!

Best Line: His nameplate says "James (I Don't Sell) Carr(s)."


Which Arrested Development guest star was your fave?