Happy birthday, Robert Pattinson!

Wait ― scratch that. Broody birthday, Robert Pattinson. Yes... that seems more appropriate.

While his vampire counterpart Edward Cullen may be 107, today R. Pattz turns the fresh young age of 27. How does such a young guy manage to contain centuries-worth of old-soul broodiness on that pretty face? Well, it’s a mystery ― but hanging around scowly Kristen Stewart can’t hurt. Seriously, if we ever caught a glimpse of these two enjoying themselves, we’d have to go lie down.

So in honor of Rob’s 27th, we’re bringing you his 27 best broods ever. (Yes, there was a lot to choose from.)


1. The Dapper Brood


2. The Bird's Nest Brood


3. The Bedhead Brood


4. The Something About Mary Brood


5. The 15-Cowlick Brood


6. The "I Hate The Airport" Brood


7. The "I Might Smile... Someday" Brood


8. The Smug Brood


9. The Aspiring Superstar Brood


10. The Wistful Brood


11. The Not-Even-Worth-Holding-My-Head-Up-For Brood


12. The Never-Nominated Brood


13. The Above-It-All Brood


14. The "Letting Myself Go" Brood


15. The Blue Brood


16. The Green Brood


17. The Bald Brood


18. The Beanie Brood


19. The Basic Brood


20. The "Thinking About Rupert Sanders" Brood


21. The "Sunlight? Ugh" Brood


22. The Sour Patch Kids Brood


23. The "Awards Mean Nothing To Me" Brood


24. This Brood


25. The Harry Potter Brood


26. The Beginning of Twilight Brood


27. The End of Twilight Brood


Which R. Pattz brood is your fave?