The Met Gala is one of the most important nights of a celebrity’s year (unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow). How does a star prepare for such an event? First, by selecting an edgy designer outfit to fit the night’s punk theme. Secondly, by making sure clothes, makeup, and hair are all absolutely flawless. Third, by vacuuming their bathroom.

Err… what?

Madonna posted a photo of herself doing just that in her Met Gala attire with the caption, “Tidying up before the #metball,” and if that was the end of it, we wouldn’t have given it much thought. However, the Instagram post proved to be so popular that vacuum cleaner sales doubled and now Madge may be getting her very own line of “Immaculate Collection” vacuums.

What the hell?

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Handbag reports that Miele, the maker of Madonna’s vacuum, has reported “more than double” the sales ever since Madonna posted her photo. Miele has contacted Madge about becoming a “brand ambassador” to launch an “Immaculate Collection” of vacuums. (Immaculate? That’s high praise for a vacuum cleaner.)

“Inspired by the fashion forward icon, the range could emulate Madonna's most unforgettable outfits; from a pink Material Girl design, to an edgy look reminiscent of her Jean Paul Gaultier pointy braziers,” said marketing director Dominic Worlsey. Because who doesn’t need a vacuum cleaner wearing a cone bra?

In fact, why stop there? Why not a whole new album of vacuuming-themed remixes by Madonna? May we suggest:

“Justify My Rug”

“Dust Don’t Live Here Anymore”

“Me Against The Carpet”

“Gimme All Your Suction”

“4 Minutes (To Clean The Floor)”

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Seriously, there are at least five things wrong with this whole picture.

1) Who gets all dolled up for the Met Gala ― one of the biggest night’s in celebrity fashion ― and then decides to do a little vacuuming? Nobody in their right mind, that’s who.

2) Since when does the Queen of Pop do her own vacuuming, anyway? You really expect us to believe she doesn’t have minions to do this for her?

3) You’ll notice Madonna’s floor is tile. And sure, you can use a vacuum to tidy that up, but a simple broom or swiffer would do. (Leading further credence to the theory that Madonna has no idea how to clean.)

4) You can’t even see what kind of vacuum cleaner this is. How did everyone know which brand to buy?

5) We can understand why thousands of people would want to look like Madonna, sing like Madonna, perhaps even smell like Madonna. But suck up dirt like Madonna? Well, that’s just unusual.

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We’re anxious to see whether Madonna will bite at the opportunity to have her own line of vacuum cleaners. We’ll take a Confessions On A Clean Floor-themed one, if they’re taking pre-orders.

Would you want a Madonna-themed vacuum?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet and Instagram