When it comes to superheroes, more is better… right?

You’d think so, based on the fact that The Avengers is currently the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time (and third biggest moneymaker ever). But Tony Stark’s appearance in that film seems to have everyone looking at Iron Man 3 more like The Avengers 2 than the third in the Iron Man trilogy.

The threequel has done massive business overseas, outdoing even The Avengers’ numbers from last year. What does that mean for its stateside chances?

Well, Iron Man 3 has already grossed over $300 million, and it has yet to open here in the States. That means the movie (budgeted at $200 million) is officially a hit, even if it somehow grosses $0 domestically. (Somehow, we doubt that’ll be the case.)

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Iron Man 2 made $311 million overseas, meaning Iron Man 3 has almost outgrossed that already and is still going strong. The film broke box office records for any film ever in China this week with an estimated $21.5 million, and has outperformed The Avengers in a number of countries across the globe. At this rate, Iron Man 3 is almost guaranteed to be the biggest Iron Man of them all, since it only needs to clear $623 million worldwide for that accomplishment and is already halfway there without a single dollar from the U.S. market yet.

It’s no surprise that the film is doing solid numbers, of course, but what is surprising is that it has outperformed even The Avengers internationally. True, Iron Man was the standout star of The Avengers gang, but this film lacks any Hulk, Thor, or Captain America action ― and wasn’t it the excitement of seeing all those heroes together what lead to such massive success for The Avengers?

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Clearly The Avengers has worked its magic, which bodes well for upcoming sequels Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World. (Though it seems unlikely either will outperform Iron Man 3.) The Avengers opened to a massive $207 million opening weekend in the U.S., the best of all time, for a full gross of $623 million stateside (and more than $1.5 billion total).

Current predictions of Iron Man 3’s U.S. opening are between $165 to $180 million. However, if people see this more like The Avengers 2 than Iron Man 3… well, then, the sky’s the limit!

How well do you think Iron Man 3 will do?