Fans get awfully worked up about release dates, and artists love to tease them ― but really, it’s still a waiting game for something we know is coming.

But even before artists teased release dates for albums, nature had its own way of teasing a release date ―err, sorry, due date ― for the arrival of a person. And yet for all the media hype surrounding Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, we’re still not sure when this bundle of fame is set to arrive on Planet Earth and give Blue Ivy a run for her money as World’s Most Famous Baby.

Except now baby daddy Kanye West may have tweeted out the answer. May have.

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‘Ye took to Twitter this morning, deleting all of his previous tweets and writing cryptically: “June Eighteen.” Ordinarily, we’d assume this was a release date of some kind ― for a single? An album? ― but with a baby on the way, we can’t be sure.

We assume he’d leave it to Kim to reveal this news ― Kim Kardashian, the only person he’s following on Twitter (ew) ― but he might just be tired of media speculation on when she's going to pop and decided to answer the question we've all been asking.

Then again, rumor has it that Kanye’s new album is already finished, and it’s “dark.” Considering that his last solo album was called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, that should not be a shocker. But could his next offering be coming so soon, without so much as a single yet?

Or hey! Wouldn’t it be kind of awesome if June 18 brought both an album and a baby?

Do you think June 18 is Kanye's album release date?

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