Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato grew up together on Barney, and although the two gal pals aren't as close as they used to be, they're both going through similar changes as they remain in the spotlight. One of those changes is growing up and making new style choices that show off their newfound maturity.

While Demi has dyed her hair full-on blond, Selena is also noticeably lightening her locks, with a blonde ombre style that seems to get lighter by the day. Considering that both ladies started out in this business with super dark brown hair, it's refreshing to see them lighten up for a change.

So, who does it better? Check out some pics and vote!

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Selena showed off her blonder 'do at the Billboard Music Awards on May 19, and it's been getting considerably lighter as she's been photographed traveling in Europe. For now, it's mostly still the bottom of her long locks that holds the lightened shade, but there's been some speculation that she's planning on going for full-on blonde soon enough. Thanks for easing us into it, girl!

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Demi debuted her full on dye job at the beginning of May in a TwitPic while in the director's seat for her upcoming music video. Apparently, Demi's new look made her so unrecognizable compared to her photo ID, she got questioned at the airport regarding her identity! She's been blonde before, but with this short hairstyle she's rockin' lately, it's definitely a major change.

Do you think Demi & Selena look better blonde or brunette?