Modern Family isn’t exactly The Brady Bunch with wholesome values and squeaky-clean hijinks only. (It’s about a modern family, after all.) However, we aren’t used to seeing the cast get naked or drop F-bombs, either!

But the ABC sitcom is shaking things up for its USA Network debut, including some colorful language and nudity. Is this supposed to be USA or HBO?

The vid features Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell in a number of off-color gags, including one that drops a hookers and smack reference and another involving a big dildo. They also do a pretty funny bit where the actors totally revile each other once their scene ends.

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Eric Stonestreet gets to drop the kind of language you definitely can’t have on ABC primetime, and Sofia Vergara’s (pixelated) breasts make a cameo as she seduces a delivery guy. Yep, this is basically a twisted version of all our favorite characters.

Of course, it’s all just a gag to promote the show’s syndication on USA, which means our favorite episodes won’t actually suddenly have a lot of profanity and T&A. (Good thing or bad thing?) Modern Family will, of course, return as its network-friendly self on ABC next season in addition to the reruns on USA.

Head over to Deadline to watch the hilarious clip. 

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