Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are a breath of fresh air in the music world, so obviously Stephen Colbert had to get the dirt on these hip-hop masterminds on The Colbert Report.

The duo dished the deets on independently releasing their smash hit album The Heist, being advocates for same-sex marriage -- and we also find out if Ryan ever gets jealous of frontman Macklemore. (You know you were curious on that one too.)

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Releasing The Heist independently and reaching this level of success is a big deal for Macklemore and Ryan. But Stephen had beef with the fellas on the topic of how corporations don’t get a cut from the album’s success. Oh, so sad for the suits, but these two have good reason for going about it this way.

“It’s in our control, it’s in our creative direction. We get to pick what we do, we get to pick what we make, we get to market how we want to market. It’s our brand and we get more money at the end of the day,” Macklemore joked.

Now, moving on to the burning question we’ve all been wondering: does Ryan ever get jealous of Macklemore being front and center in the spotlight? Obviously we couldn’t have “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us” without Ryan, so how does he feel about it all? “It’s messed up,” Ryan joked. “I think you go in and out of wanting to be the lead singer yourself, but at this point, now that I have a very good scope to what being a celebrity is, I think I’m happy being in the background.” Well, that’s that!

Check out Mackelmore and Ryan’s performance of “Same Love.” Just a heads up, it’s pretty moving so chills and/or tears may happen.

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