After months of anticipation, Demi Lovato has finally released her album Demi, which she’s called one of her most vulnerable albums yet. With her single “Heart Attack” being the smash that it is and her fans –- a.k.a. Lovatics -– being so dedicated, there’s no doubt that Demi will reach the success it deserves.

We got the chance to hang with Demi, courtesy of Walmart Soundcheck, where she gave one rockin’ performance of her most popular songs, like “Heart Attack,” “Give Your Heart a Break” and more! Also, the ink lover revealed which of her many tats is her absolute favorite!

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With dozens of tattoos covering her body, everything from “Stay Strong” on both her wrists to a flock of birds flying up her arm, you’d think it would be tough to pick a favorite. Kind of like picking your favorite kid, right? Not for Demi!

“My favorite tattoo is my feet tattoos,” she revealed, describing her “Let go” and “Let God” body art. “It’s kind of my favorite life mottos. Sometimes life can get so hard that you don’t really know what to do and you just gotta be like, ‘Okay,’ to the man upstairs, ‘Take it from here cause I don’t know what I’m doing.’”

You can check out Demi’s full Walmart Soundcheck concert by heading here!

Which of Demi’s tattoos is your favorite?