When it comes to Amanda Bynes, it’s hard to believe what’s true and what isn’t, whether she’s sane and pulling the biggest PR stunt since Joaquin Phoenix or she’s pulling a Britney and needs help -– fast. The latest Amanda drama is one of the biggest yet, getting Jenny McCarthy involved... and possibly the police.

It all started last night, after Amanda posted topless photos of herself on Twitter, and her former publicist Jonathan Jaxson tweeted she needed major help. “I just spoke to @AmandaBynes and she is soooo messed up on drugs and please @NY_POLICE find her and help her! I don’t know her address @TMZ,” he wrote. This apparently prompted Jenny to get involved, tweeting, “Police are at @AmandaBynes house. I hope they get her help. Enough of this circus. She needs help.”

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Jonathan later wrote, “Thanks to the NYPD and all who helped me RT. The police are at @AmandaBynes NYC house now. #realfriends.” It took a while for Amanda to respond to all of this, but we knew it was coming. Instead of attacking her former publicist, however, she went straight for Jenny! “@JennyMcCarthy you’re ugly! Police weren’t at my house old lady. Shut the f—k up!... I need help? What are u talking about? Aren’t u 50 years old? I’m 27, u look 80 compared to me! Why are you talking about me?” Real nice, Amanda. Always going for insults about people’s appearances.

Jenny responded, “@AmandaBynes sorry girl. Looking out for ya.” And in a strange twist, Amanda actually accepted her apology and wrote, “@JennyMcCarthy thanks! I’m sorry I offended you! You’re beautiful! I was lying! I’ll delete your tweets!”

Alright, is anyone else confused? Whether the police actually showed up to Amanda’s house or not is still unknown, but one thing is for sure: Jenny is right. This girl needs help.

What do you think about all this Twitter drama with Amanda?

Do you think Jonathon and Jenny were right to get her help?