Those who love Gwyneth Paltrow are about to love her more. Those who hate her are about to add more fuel to the flames of loathing.

Gwynnie chatted with the hosts of Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O radio show, and perhaps because she was going out to an Aussie audience rather than an American one, she got a bit more candid than usual.

She followed up on why she hated the Met Gala so much ― it seems to be largely Kanye West’s fault ― and then went into some serious detail about the state of her pubic hair.

Yep, seriously.

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Speaking on the Met Gala first, Gwyneth explained that "we're all a little old" to be dressing like punks (true, in many cases), which explains her choice of a pink, very traditional red carpet dress. As for Kanye, she says he was "drama" and threw his microphone down because he was "furious." (That isn't exactly hard to believe, is it?)

But on to naughtier topics. Gwyneth first decided to discuss her pubes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when explaining what her preparation for that peekaboo Iron Man 3 premiere dress entailed. She joked that she had a “70s vibe” going on between her legs, “if you know what I mean.” (We do!)

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But she clarified the comments with Kyle and Jackie O, describing her ladyparts as looking like “an eight-year-old girl” and then raising a toast to “hairless vaginas.”

Well! We are presenting this information without comment.

Love? Hate? Take it for what you will.

Was that TMI from Gwyneth, or did you enjoy how open she was?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet