Goodbye TV, hello webisodes! Nicole Richie was the first to kick off AOL’s try at original programming because hey, if YouTube, Amazon and Yahoo can do it, so can they.

Nicole’s series #CandidlyNicole, strictly based on her Twitter feed, shows the fashion icon's attempt to get her tramp stamp removed. Whether she goes through with it or not is something you’ll have to check out for yourself, but other stars are teaming up with AOL to create original programming as well.

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow will try their hand at becoming internet stars, as well as Ryan Seacrest. SJP will produce and narrate a docudrama called City.Ballet based on the New York City Ballet, while Gwyneth will team up with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson for the Ryan Seacrest-produced series Second Chances. In their show, the two will interview women who have faced struggles, forcing them to overcome hardships.

All of this is exciting and all, but what’s getting SJP, Gwyneth and Nicole involved? And will it be successful? With social media and the world wide web being such active parts of our lives, AOL creating programming that's right at our fingertips is pretty genius. And bringing big names like Sarah, Nicole and Gwyneth along for the ride will most likely guarantee clicks and views.

These three shows aren’t the only ones AOL is unveiling to us –- they have 15 digital shows lined up with a scattered premiere schedule. You can catch a glimpse here.

What do you think about celebrities teaming up for webisodes?

Better than watching them on TV?