Brooke Shields is one of the most iconic supermodels –- like, ever. Rewind back the ‘80s and ‘90s and you’ll quickly see that she changed the way a lot of us dress, do our hair and our makeup. In fact, even in 2013, people still look up to her infamous trends like voluminous hair, thick eyes and boyfriend-stealing style.

To honor Brooke, here are the three looks that haven’t gone away after all these years!


The Hair

Brooke has thick hair that many would kill for, and she knew how to work it. Big barreled curls and voluminous locks seem to be the go-to hair style, especially when it comes to a red carpet event. The bigger the better!

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The Eyebrows

While everyone was plucking away every single hair, Brooke went the opposite direction for thick eyebrows. Some may be a bit scared to try this one, but with the ‘90s being back, thick brows are the way to go!

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Boyfriend Style

Remember boyfriend jeans? Yeah, that trend is still here and we can all thank Brooke for this one! During her days as a Calvin Klein model, the boot cut jeans were kinda her forte. Take those and throw on a manly button up and you’ve got her boyfriend-stealing style with ease!

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Which of Brooke's trends is your favorite?