Getting back into pre-baby shape is often one of the most difficult things for new mothers to pull off, but you wouldn't know it from the way that some Hollywood moms sport bikinis and tight dresses in no time.

Of course, it helps when you're able to afford someone who manages all of your meals and exercise, but these hot mamas still put in the hard work to get their bodies back into A-list form. In honor of Mother's Day, check out our roundup of 10 celebrity moms whose bodies (and exercise regime) put us to shame!

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1. Jennifer Garner

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Having three kids hasn't stopped Ben Affleck's wife from having a banging bikini bod. She's always photographed playing with her kids on the playground or carting them around town. However, she told Self Magazine that even though she makes time to exercise, she doesn't beat herself up if she misses a day.

2. Gwen Stefani

Gwen looks just as youthful as she did when No Doubt burst onto the scene more than 20 years ago, which she attributes to nothing more than old fashioned diet and exercise. "I hate talking about my body [all the time]; it's ridiculous. There is no secret: you just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself!" she said to Harper's Bazaar. "But it's more for my brain than it is for my body. I like to wear clothes too much, so I try to keep focused."

3. Halle Berry

Halle might be the sexiest middle-aged celebrity in Hollywood, but you definitely don't become a Bond girl by sitting on the couch watching Catwoman over and over. Shortly after giving birth to her daughter Nahla, she took part in an intense cardio and strength-training workout that made us exhausted just looking at it. The end results definitely paid off, though. Now that she's pregnant again, it's safe to say she'll be going back to the well a second time with that workout regime.

4. Pink

Pink is still in good enough shape to kick our asses, but the new mom has admitted that working out doesn't hold quite the same weight that it used to. "I have the time [to exercise] but I have this thing where I look at Willow and I go, 'Should I go to the gym or hang out with you? I think I'm going to hang out with you,'" she said to People magazine.

5. Julia Roberts

Julia said her three children are the main reasons she's committed to keeping a healthy lifestyle. She runs regularly and even varies up her workouts by rowing or kayaking. "You make these people and you love them and you want them around for a thousand years, and you want to be there for them for a thousand years," she said to Elle magazine.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth may have recently turned the big 4-0, but she still looks a college student. She credits her youthful look to making sure exercise a top priority. "I do it every day — well, I do it five days a week. So I drop the kids at school and I come home; I exercise for an hour and 15 minutes every single day," she said. Gwyneth knows that the key to keeping in shape is consistency: "There's no fairy dust — it's like you do it and it works."

7. Reese Witherspoon

Part of getting back into top shape after having a baby is being active at all times. Reese kept active throughout her recent pregnancy with hikes, runs, and even a few tennis games thrown into the mix.

8. Jessica Alba

Jessica has admitted in the past that she's not a fan of working out, but has figured out ways to make it less dreadful for herself. She alternates between the gym, her treadmill at home, swimming, and yoga to keep from becoming bored.

9. Heidi Klum

Heidi famously returned to the runway eight weeks after giving birth. How'd she do it? A combination of diet and hardcore workouts including getting off the treadmill and onto the rowing machine.

10. Kate Gosselin

Kate's "celebrity" status is certainly debatable these days, but there's no denying that she's in incredible shape after having eight kids. The single mom sticks to a strict running regime and even completed several marathons last year.

Which celebrity mom do you think has the best body?

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