It was just a few days ago when we reported that Rod Stewart’s daughter Ruby was the lucky lady linked to One Direction’s Harry Styles. But we stand corrected: it’s actually Rod’s 33-year-old daughter Kimberly that Harry has been romancing, and now we’re finding out that all of this may not even be 100 percent true! What is going on?

Chelsea Briggs breaks down this rumored romance in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Okay, let’s try to get all of this straight. So, a source is reporting that Himberly (new couple name?) may be nothing but a big 'ol PR stunt! Welcome to Hollywood, folks. “Kimberly and Harry are just friends. Rod really likes Harry, so it’s good PR for him. There’s nothing going on. It’s just PR fun,” a source told FOX411.

This couple news was the biggest thing to hit Directioner’s lives this week and having people come forward confirming Harry and Kimberly’s romance left some of us completely devastated. “They were introduced by a mutual friend who sets them up,” a source told E! News. “Kim is very strong-willed, she goes for what she wants and Harry appreciates that. It is a very new thing and we’ll see where it goes.”

When photos surfaced of Harry and Kimberly leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood, Stalker Sarah tweeted the sighting, writing, “@Harry_Styles lovely meeting your girl tonight. She was so sweet and beautiful! You look great together!” Wait, so is Sarah involved in this PR stunt too? Oy! It’s hard to keep all of this straight.

What do you think of Harry and Kimberly?

Are you hoping they’re together or do you think it’s all for PR?