On a day that sees all kinds of news about Lindsay Lohan’s last-minute waffling about which rehab she should go to, which could land her in even more hot water, let’s take a moment to look at the opposite kind of example. Reese Witherspoon, author of The A-Lister’s Guide To A Flawless Arrest.

(Well, that book doesn’t exist yet. But it should.)

Today, Reese appeared on Good Morning America to continue her absolutely stunning display of grace and humility and said every right thing, and none of the wrong ones. How is it possible to make an arrest for disorderly conduct look this good?

The interview begins by addressing the drunk and disorderly elephant in the room. So just how does Reese pull it off? First, she explains things in a relatable way: “We had one too many glasses of wine, and we thought we were fine to drive, and we absolutely were not,” she says.

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Then, she makes it clear that she knows she made a poor decision, and regrets it. “It’s just completely unacceptable, and we are so sorry, and embarrassed, and we know better, and we shouldn’t have done that.” All bases covered there.

But couldn’t she have done things differently, and called a cab? No argument from Reese there. “Absolutely!” Again, she blames herself for “bad judgment.”

But come on, wasn’t Reese trying to use her fame to get out of the situation? Surely that part of the story makes her look bad?

“I agree. I have no idea what I was saying that night,” she says. “I told him I was pregnant. I’m not pregnant!”

Well, gosh, Reese, when you put it like that ― it’s actually kind of funny and charming!

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There’s even a lesson for Reese’s kids in this tale: “When you make a mistake, you take responsibility.” And Reese makes it clear that she has nothing but love for the law: “There’s no reason to disrespect a police officer.”

To cap it all off, she even adds a little humor, noting that she’s played a lawyer so many times, she might have been drunkenly channeling Elle Woods in the moment! (And who amongst hasn’t drunkenly channeled Elle Woods in a scrape?)

To be honest, this arrest has only made Reese more endearing. She needed a little pizzazz in her image to hold our interest, and now we totally want to take her out and split a bottle of wine. (Don’t worry, we’d take a taxi.)

So... check, check, check. That just about covers it. What you've just witnessed is a PR mess expertly cleaned up. Lindsay, Amanda... we hope you're watching.

Do you think Reese handled the interview flawlessly?