Candice Glover's life is about to change in more ways than one.

The talented R&B vocalist was crowned as the Season 12 winner of American Idol last night, beating out country singer Kree Harrison for the title in what was just the second all-female season finale in the show's history (and the first since 2004). Candice said that she was "speechless" after the win, but acknowledged that "the work is only to get bigger from here on out."

The paychecks are about to get bigger as well. Several former Idol winners are still raking in millions long after their time on the show (and even non-winners like Clay Aiken reportedly pocket $25,000 per night while on tour). Check out the show's five biggest moneymakers in 2012!

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1. Kelly Clarkson (Season 1)

After 23 million albums and 36 million singles sold worldwide, Kelly is doing just fine for herself. According to Forbes, Kelly earned $8 million in 2012 through her Stronger tour and a summer tour later that year.

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2. Carrie Underwood (Season 4)

Carrie's 2012 album, Blown Away, sold 1,438,000 copies and was one of the top 10 best-selling albums of the year. Between her record and touring, Carrie earned a whopping $5 million last year.

3. Scotty McCreery (Season 10)

Scotty has become a major force on the country music scene in the last couple of years. Between his Christmas album that was certified gold and his 2011 debut Clear As Day still selling units, Brad was able to open up for Brad Paisley and The Band Perry on separate tours. Last year, he raked in $4 million in total.

4. Jordin Sparks (Season 6)

Jordin faded out of the spotlight for a while, but made a mini-comeback in 2012. Her lead role in the movie Sparkle and various endorsement deals helped her earn $2 million last year.

5. David Cook (Season 7)

David's 2011 album This Loud Morning sold so badly that he ended up losing his record deal with RCA. However, he toured relentlessly throughout 2012 and ended up earning $1 million at the end of the year.

Do you think Candice can join these big Idol moneymakers?

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