Aren’t hashtags awesome?

Pretty much every major musician in the game seems to think so these days. has both a single and an album fronted by a “#,” and Mariah Carey’s new song with Miguel “#Beautiful” also seems to think it is worthy of trending. Now Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull are getting into the hashtag action with “Live It Up” ― or is that “#LiveItUp”? ― in a new single and lyric video that are all primed for Twitter.

While the song is titled “Live It Up” (hashtag-free) on iTunes, the lyric video places a “#” before the title, which clearly wants this to be a #YOLO-style summer motto. Trending topics are fine and all, but the hashtag trend is quickly getting tiresome, like other music trends such as misspelling simple words for no reason (“luv”) or using numbers instead of words (“2” instead of “to”).

How long before the artists aren’t listed by their names, but instead by their @ Twitter handles? Seriously, one more of these and we might hashgag.

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Social media fatigue aside, J.Lo and Pitbull have released a perfectly adequate summer jam to follow up “On The Floor” and “Dance Again,” which might as well be called “Dance On The Floor Again.” (It’s not a great thematic departure from their previous collaborations.)

It will likely be played while people are beaching, barbecuing, and otherwise living it up all summer. Though we'd like to think people will be having too much fun to bother making it a trending topic.

What do you think of "Live It Up"? Is it a worthy summer jam?

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet