Justin Bieber doesn’t need much, just somebody to love.

Devin Copeland, on the other hand, needs $10 million.

Under the name De Rico, Devin Copeland says he wrote and released a song called “Somebody To Love” on his 2008 album My Story II. So how might it have gotten in Justin’s clutches?

Yesterday, it seems a lawsuit was filed in Virginia suing Usher and Justin for copyright infringement. Usher apparently heard De Rico’s album through a talent scouting company and discussed bringing De Rico on tour with him back in the day.

The suit also says that Usher performed his own demo of the song and put it on YouTube. While Usher never recorded it, his protégée obviously did, as it was a big hit off his My World 2.0 album.

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The lawsuit claims that both versions of “Somebody To Love” have the same hook and time signature, as well as similar call and response sections. Since

So what does this mean? Could Usher and the Biebs be in hot water? While many copyright suits are totally ridiculous, for the time being this one seems to have some merit ― unless Devin Copeland’s allegations are just completely untrue.

But with the way 2013 is going for him, we wouldn't be surprised if Justin had to pony up his half of the dough...

Do you think the lawsuit has any merit?