We already saw this one coming (he did confirm it and all) but Justin Timberlake revealed not only the release date for The 20/20 Experience Part Two, but new dates for his upcoming tour! He won’t have his partner in crime Jay-Z by his side but let’s be honest -– he doesn’t really need him.

Heading to Instagram, where JT has become the celebrity to follow these days, he posted a photo of himself in the studio, revealing the exciting news that his next album will be released on September 30th. Oh, just six months after his comeback album -– no big deal.

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Justin confirmed his follow-up album, or as we like to a call it the sequel to The 20/20 Experience, during his album release party with Ryan Seacrest back in March. “Let me clear a rumor up,” he said. “The news that this is only the first half of the album, that’s true. That’s all I’m going to say!”

And since Justin loves to pile on good news after good news, he announced his 20/20 Experience World Tour, coming after his Legends of the Summer Tour with Jay-Z, from October 31st to February 10th! Justin would be the guy who takes years off and then comes back to music with a huge bang, releasing two albums and doing two tours in just one year. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Check out the tour dates below to find out if you can catch JT in your city!

20/20 Experience World Tour Dates

Oct 31 - Montreal, QC
Nov. 13 - Raleigh, NC
Nov. 15 - Nashville, TN
Nov. 16 - Columbus, OH
Nov. 18 - Memphis, TN
Nov. 19 - St. Louis, MO
Nov. 21 - Tulsa, OK
Nov. 29 - Las Vegas, NV
Dec. 2 - Phoenix, AZ
Dec. 4 - Dallas, TX
Dec. 5 - Houston, TX
Dec. 11 - Indianapolis, IN
Dec. 12 - Cleveland, OH
Dec. 14 - Pittsburgh, PA
Dec. 15 - Louisville, KY
Dec. 17 - Atlanta, GA
Dec. 19 - Orlando, FL
Jan. 13 - Edmonton, AB
Jan. 17 - Seattle, WA
Jan. 22 - Denver, CO
Feb. 7 - Fargo, ND
Feb. 9 - St. Paul, MN
Feb. 10 - Omaha, NE

What do you think about Justin’s news?