You’d think any track sung by Beyonce, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland would be a Destiny’s Child song, right? Well, you’d be wrong, according to Kelly.

The “Motivation” singer’s solo album features a track on which she’s joined by her former Destiny’s Child sisters, but she wants one thing to be clear ― “You’ve Changed” is not a Destiny’s Child song. It’s Kelly Rowland featuring Beyonce and Michelle.

So, uh, what’s the difference?

“It’s not a Destiny’s Child track, it’s me featuring Beyoncé and Michelle,” Kelly said to Billboard about her latest, putting her fellow divas in place (behind her). Destiny’s Child tracks usually put Beyonce front and center, so clearly Kelly didn’t want to be upstaged by Bey this time around. Kelly is planning to take the world by storm with her new album Talk A Good Game and a seat at the X-Factor judges panel, meaning it’s time for the Queen Bey to take a backseat for a change!

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That aside and despite the title, the R&B-tinged “You’ve Changed” doesn’t give us anything radically different from a Destiny’s Child one, except more mature themes (which only makes sense, given how much older the ladies are now). As usual, this is a Kelly and Beyonce joint, with Michelle being basically irrelevant. Kelly probably only asked her on so she could pull the “this isn’t a real Destiny’s Child song” card and knock Bey down a couple pegs. (She is jealous of her, after all.)

So what’s next? A Niall Horan track featuring Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis that’s not a One Direction song? A song by Adam Levine featuring Maroon 5

Do you think this actually is a Destiny's Child track?

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