Rehab is meant to purge you of your vices, but there’s one that Lindsay Lohan isn’t willing to let go of ― smoking.

Although she’s supposed to start her court-ordered stint in a rehab facility tomorrow, there’s been a last-minute hitch in her plans. (Shock! Surprise!)

So, here we go. According to TMZ, LiLo is attempting to make an 11th hour switch of rehab facilities upon learning that her intended rehab, Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY, won’t allow her to indulge in her known love for nicotine. Since giving up other substances will likely be challenge enough, Lindsay isn’t sure she can also abstain from cigarettes for 90 days.

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After trying to get Seafield to make an exception ― and the facility refusing ― she’s now trying to switch to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, which will allow her to puff to her heart’s content.

However, prosecutors haven’t signed off on the switch, meaning Lindsay has once against left everything to the last minute and caused all sorts of stress for herself. Isn’t rehab supposed to be a calm environment?

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Lindsay also Instagramed a photo of herself packing “270 looks” for her 90-day stint. (Oh boy. She has heard of washing machines, right?)

If she ends up at Seafield, though, she’ll only be allowed 7 different outfits ― meaning that it may also inadvertently treat her for an addiction to changing her clothes. What’s a fashionista to do?

Where do you think Lindsay will end up rehabbing?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet