Maybe it's the threat of prison or the tight ship that the Betty Ford Clinic runs, but Lindsay Lohan has been on her best behavior lately.

This Sunday will mark 30 days checked off of LiLo's 90-day court-appointed rehab stint and she's apparently turned over a new leaf. Despite being adamant that she didn't need treatment before checking in, friends who have visited Lindsay report that she's looking healthier than she has in years and seems to be grasping just how out of control her life had become.

TMZ reports that Lindsay has been attending all of her group and one-on-one counseling sessions, but she's doing far more than simply just showing up. LiLo is apparently taking the messages her counselors are giving her to heart and is talking to friends about what she's learned in regards to her issues with self-control and reckless impulses.

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As for her living situation, Lindsay certainly isn't getting any special treatment. She's sharing a dorm room with two other roommates, but is reportedly getting along with both of them. Frankly, we're not even sure if we could handle living in such tight quarters with two random strangers treating their substance abuse, so she gets major props for that...

But despite Lindsay's progress, her father Michael Lohan wants her transferred out of Betty Ford ASAP. He gave an interview to TMZ and said that while he was "proud" of Lindsay and glad she's getting treatment for her addiction, he feels that her recovery will only be temporary if she stays there. He continues to harp so much on transferring her to the Lukens Institute in Florida that we have to wonder if he's being paid to plug the facility.

"[Betty Ford] is a 12-step program that's 30 days, so she's going to repeat the same program three times in a row. If she went to Lukens, I know she'd get better," said Michael. "It's individualized care and more one-on-one."

Lindsay will remain in treatment until August 2.

Do you think Lindsay can finally turn things around?

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