Kicking someone when they're down has become a sporting event of sorts in the entertainment world thanks to reality TV, but a recently posted music video may have taken the trend too far.

The "Tan Mom", a.k.a. Patricia Krentcil, made headlines last year for her leathery complexion and allegedly putting her six-year-old daughter in a tanning booth. She was cleared of the charges last February and we thought was the end of that, but she inexplicably came back around by requesting to appear in porn and recording a rap song. There's now been a music video released for said song, "It's Tan Mom", and it's sphincter-clenchingly bad.

Has exploitation of these curious F-listers reached an all-time low?

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Labeled by TMZ as "the worst music video ever made," the video shows Patricia, who appears to be under the influence of something, groping scantily-clad gay men and parading around in an unflattering bikini. The song itself is simply terrible and nobody playing with a full deck would want it heard by the public, let alone shoot a music video that does nothing but further destroy her already tattered image.

So, why is this a problem? Patricia admitted that she suffered severe head trauma after a man on steroids hit her when she was 25. In other words, she has a brain injury. Dr. Drew has suggested that this brain injury could be a reason why she couldn't comprehend the damage she was doing to her body with the excess tanning.

Secondly, she may have severe substance abuse issues. She's been spotted "stumbling drunk" at several public appearances and was even kicked off the stage while appearing at a NYC drag show last summer because she had essentially blacked out. Her husband also admitted that she's been on a regimen of prescription medication since last year, so it's possible she may be abusing that as well.

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During her appearance on Dr. Drew's CNN show last March, numerous callers also accused her of having a drug problem after she had uncontrollable facial contortions and twitching episodes during the interview.

Lastly, this is a woman who doesn't have any discernible talent. (Not that this ever stopped the Kardashians, but that's a separate issue.) She can't act or dance and we can definitely confirm now that she can't sing. The only purpose that Patricia serves for the public is to be mocked. It's one thing if we're dealing with a Farrah Abraham or a Courtney Stodden who seem "all there" (even if that "all" isn't exactly a lot of substance), but to ridicule a mentally impaired woman who may have a substance abuse problem goes beyond reasonable limits.

We'll let you be the judge on this one, though...

Do you think this is unreasonably exploitative?

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