It’s been a rumored-filled week for Miley Cyrus, and now here’s another one to add to the collection! Is Selena Gomez ordering Justin Bieber to stay away from Miley? And if so, why?

Chelsea Briggs is breaking it down in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

Are you ready for this mind-blowing story? Well, according to sources, this jealously Selena has developed is getting so bad that she’s warning Justin to actually keep away from Miley. A friend of Selena’s revealed that the reason behind it is that Justin and Miley hooked up back in the day.

Wait, what?!

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“Justin and Miley hooked up a few years ago,” her friend revealed. “Then he started dating Selena. It created this whole jealously thing between them. Now Selena doesn’t want Justin anywhere near Miley -– and they’ve been fighting about it!”

It probably doesn’t help that Justin has been in the studio with Miley and she's (maybe) now a single lady! And let’s not forget one thing Miley and Selena have in common –- they both dated Nick Jonas! Yeah, remember that throwback?

What do you think about this drama?

Could it be true or do you think someone is just trying to stir things up?