Now you see me… now your eyes have closed and you’ve fallen asleep.

The soothing voice of Morgan Freeman is the kind of thing that could calmly ease anyone into slumber, and apparently it can do the same for Morgan, since he nodded off while giving a TV interview on his new film Now You See Me while Michael Caine took most of the burden of talking about the film.

Morgan has played God, the president, and a number of other respectable characters, so we tend to think of him as pretty flawless. But the guy is getting up there in years (he’s 75) and a lot of these TV interviews are very early in the morning, so we need to cut him a bit of slack for drifting in and out of slumberland during this one.

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Watching the interview is pretty funny, because you can see Morgan start to check out and then struggle to keep his eyes open before he finally succumbs for a moment. Nobody calls him out on it, amazingly.

But even when he was technically awake, Morgan didn’t exactly seem to be at his sharpest. When asked what makes him such a good narrator, he responded, “Uhh… I think just being a good reader.” Modest Morgan or doesn't-give-an-eff Morgan? You be the judge.

Hey, at least he wasn't drooling or snoring...

Did Morgan nodding off on TV crack you up?