When it comes to the sweetest celebrities, Ray Liotta is nowhere near the top of that list. In fact, the guy who is more often than not playing a mobster, serial killer, or some other criminal doesn’t seem to stray too far from his violent-tempered on-screen counterparts in his personal life.

Case in point: his latest interview, which slams Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon, the new Ryan Gosling movie The Place Beyond The Pines, and Miss Piggy ― and gives a little attention to Winona Ryder’s ass. Stranger still is that pretty much everyone he insulted is a co-star.

On his dark roles, Ray reminded the interviewer that he does have one light-hearted role coming up. I just made a movie with the Muppets and no, I did not kill Miss Piggy. I kissed her,” he said. “But when she started with her tongue I said, ‘Woah.’” Ray then motioned pushing her away. Apparently he’s too good to kiss a pig?

Perhaps Winona Ryder is more his type? Ray co-stars with Winona in The Iceman, which opens today. A photograph surfaced of the two at the Venice Film Festival premiere last year, where it looks like Ray is pretty clearly grabbing onto the Black Swan star’s ass.

Ray calmly (for him) set the record straight: “I wasn't holding her ass. I would never do that. I went to put my hand around her but in the photo it looks like I’m grabbing her ass. I got more press out of that than anything.”

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Whatever you say, Ray. Here’s where things get a little juicier.

On his Killing Them Softly co-star, Ray didn’t exactly mince words: “Brad Pitt’s a hack, but I don’t know why that movie didn’t do better. This movie, Iceman, is better than a movie like, say, Place in the Pines.”

That’s a pretty random shot at Ryan Gosling’s latest, and Ray couldn’t even get the title right! Plus, what’s with calling Brad a hack? He’s right that the movie was a total flop (one of Brad’s biggest box office failures), but it’s hard to tell if he’s kidding.

The Examiner interview also notes that as Ray was exiting and Iceman co-star Michael Shannon was entering, “Ray Liotta rolled his eyes dramatically implying disdain and said, ‘Michael Shannon? Good luck.’ Then he turned and walked out.”

Yikes! Seems like Michael Shannon, Brad Pitt, and Miss Piggy should all meet up for lunch and talk about this.

Do you think Ray’s comments were out of line?