The thought of not getting invited to one of the biggest parties of the year can make you shiver with fear. Anyone that is anyone will be there, and plenty of Instagram opportunities to tell the world what a fantastic time you’re having could all be missed because you simple weren’t invited.

Anna Camp lives that real-life horror in this College Humor skit “FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).” It's the horror flick for the social media age. Watch the suspenseful trailer at your own risk!

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We’ve all been there –- going on Instagram and seeing that everyone is posting photos together at parties, or heading to Facebook or Foursquare and noticing that they all checked in at the same place. WTF, where’s our invite?

We’re laying the sarcasm down pretty thick here, but regardless, FOMO is just too funny.

What do you think about Anna’s dramatic take on missing out?

Hilarious, or does it hit too close to home?