Matthew Perry appeared at a Kings game over the weekend and made the mistake of talking to a sportscaster instead of merely sitting back and enjoying the sport. While chatting with the onetime Friends star, Fox reporter Dan Moriarty said, “Big news today! Congratulations are in order!”

The problem was that the “big news” was Matthew’s current sitcom, Go On, getting the axe. “Oh, thank you! You’re talking about my show getting cancelled?” Matthew responded rather good-naturedly, given the response, to which Dan Moriarty just nodded cluelessly. (He never really did pick up on the awkwardness of the moment.) “So it’s a double-edged sword congratulations?” the reporter asked finally, with Matthew nodding and looking like he wanted to strangle the guy.

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But Matthew isn’t alone in getting such “double-edged sword congrats.” Plenty of other shows also got the boot to make way for networks’ newer offerings heading to the small screen this fall.

NBC’s Go On joins a small, select group of shows that some people might actually miss ― not enough people to make a difference in the ratings, apparently ― with the most vocal outcries against the axing of NBC’s two-season wonder, the musical Smash, along with NBC’s gay family show The New Normal, still in its first season. Are you sensing a theme here? Basically, NBC pissed off a lot of TV viewers. (But, again, not enough to count.)

The other big tragedy of cancellation season? ABC’s Happy Endings met a less-than-blissful end after three seasons of offbeat comedy featuring a likable cast. Potential good news for fans: the show is currently being shopped around to see if any cable networks are interested in picking it up.

Of course, with this news comes word on a lot of shows that will be missed by fewer people: Up All Night (NBC), Guys With Kids (NBC), Whitney (NBC), 1600 Penn (NBC)… wait, seriously, does NBC have any shows left?

CBS also cancelled one of the 459 shows in the CSI franchise, CSI: NY.

The good news, for some, is that a few shows on the brink of cancellation have been renewed ― such as NBC’s Community and ABC’s Nashville.

Upset about any of these cancellations? Well, don’t worry ― there’s some good summer TV headed our way to make us feel better. For a full list of recent shows taken off the air, check out Entertainment Weekly's round-up.

Are you sorry to see any of these shows go?