Director Baz Luhrmann is bringing F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby to life this weekend and will, without a doubt, present us with many beautiful visuals on the big screen. While plenty of people will pick apart the film and debate how true it stays to the book, here’s one thing we know for sure –- the soundtrack will be epic. We know this because we can’t seem to escape the music Jay-Z helped produce, and also because Baz’s films always come complete with the perfect musical numbers.

To get you ready for The Great Gatsby, check out some of the most amazing numbers from Baz’s previous films!


The Great Gatsby

Plot: Nick Carraway tells the story of his millionaire neighbor, Jay Gatsby, whom he is fascinated by. Soon he sees through Gatsby’s image, where obsession, madness and tragedy await him.


Romeo + Juliet

Plot: Based off Shakespeare’s famous play, this modern take shows two teens who immediately fall in love despite the war between their families, which leads the star-crossed lovers to a tragic end.


Moulin Rouge!

Plot: Christian, a young English writer goes to 1899 Paris and finds himself at the Moulin Rouge, a nightclub filled with exotic dancers of all stripes. After he falls in love with Satine, a love triangle begins and Christian will do anything to keep them together.

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Plot: Set in northern Australia, an English aristocrat takes on a cattle station that could soon be taken over by English barons. After joining forces will a rough stock-man, the two drive hundreds of miles, soon to be faced with the bombing of Darwin, Australia.


Strictly Ballroom

Plot: Scott Hastings is a champion ballroom dancer who teams up with beginner Fran to try and win the Australian Pan Pacific Championships and show up to the Ballroom Confederation.


And to sum it all up…


What’s your favorite Baz film?