We already introduced you to Selena Gomez’s new “Come And Get It” music video today and, to be honest, we haven’t stopped watching. It’s just that good.

But we can’t help but get a Rihanna vibe with the whole earth, wind and fire theme. Are you guys getting that, too?

Chelsea Briggs explains why in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Selena shows off her more grown up side in the video. She's all sorts of confident and sultry. But being in a field of flowers, submerged in water, dancing around a fire –- all of these are elements that Rihanna has featured in her past music videos, such as “Only Girl In The World” and “Where Have You Been.”

Regardless of whether Selena looked to Rihanna for her music video inspiration, one pop star she definitely does look up to is Britney Spears. “I think she’s one of the best that made that transition,” Selena told MTV about Britney shedding her good girl image. “That video [“I’m A Slave 4 U”] is so hot, it’s incredible, so I love that, and I definitely wanted to do that with my transition, but I don’t think there's a path you have to follow. I think you just have to figure it out and hope for the best, so if it has a similarity, that’s only a compliment.”

What do you think about Selena’s new video?

And does it remind you of Rihanna?