Let’s all be honest –- if you saw Clint Eastwood in the car next to you, you would totally document it, right? Whether it’s with an Instagram photo or just a quick video, we’d probably all want to remember that star stuck moment. One person who we know would definitely agree on this would be Jennifer Aniston and we know because apparently she’s done it!

While Jennifer was helping co-host The Ellen Show, Ellen pulled a fast one on her and shared a star-stuck moment that involved seeing Clint in his car. Needless to say, the actress gets prettyyy embarrassed about it -- but hey, it’s hilarious!

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Talking about her run-in with Clint, Jennifer admits her shame of recording a video of him in his car, she says, “I’m mortified with myself, I’ll never forgive myself, he has no idea it’s happening.” Come on, Jen. You’re being a bit too hard on yourself -– it’s the Clint Eastwood!

But the best part has to be her analyzing where he actually lives just by the street he turned on. At least it’s nice to know that even big stars like Jennifer get star-struck too!

Which celebrity would you freak out over if you saw them in the car next to you?

And would you videotape it like Jennifer did?