And now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together… and the audience who got seriously drunk playing Hollywire’s Arrested Development drinking game, since there are so many awesome running gags in this series, they were basically just chugging the whole time.

Yep ― it’s Arrested Development!

Anyone who’s seen more than one episode of the recently-revived series (coming to Netflix this weekend!) knows that running gags are this show’s biggest boon, with all kinds of jokes that run not only across several episodes, but all three seasons. And you don’t think the writers would just leave it there, do you?

Of course not. We’re guessing that most if not all of our favorite jokes from seasons past will also be present when Arrested Development returns with Season Four on Sunday. In fact, we’re so sure of it that you may want to hold off on watching too many episodes in a row, because if you follow our drinking game to the letter, you will be in the hospital before 2 AM, guaranteed.

On that note, enjoy!


Hollywire's Totally Deadly Arrested Development Drinking Game

1. Any time Lucille takes a drink, you should take a drink. (And a bite from a piece of toast. Food is important.)


2. Any time there’s a scene at the banana stand, take a bite of a banana (or better yet, a frozen banana). It’s important to eat to balance out all the alcohol!


3. When someone shouts, “No touching!”, repeat “No touching!” and put your hands up. The first person to touch anything will have to chug.


4. When Tobias unwittingly makes a homoerotic comment, the first person to shout "Fire sale!" selects someone of the same sex to take a shot.


5. When anyone asks, “Her?”, point to a female in the room, say “Her!” and instruct her to take a drink. (If there are no females in the room, you may still point to a male and say “her.”)


6. When a guest star who is famous outside the Arrested Development world first appears, take a drink.


7. When the Charlie Brown music plays, the last person to grab their drink does NOT get to drink. They must circle the room five times with their head hanging while everyone else gets to enjoy a beverage.


8. When Steve Holt (or another character) shouts “Steve Holt!”, the last person to shout “Steve Holt!” must drink.


9. When Gene Parmesan appears in disguise, everyone must chug. The last person to slam their empty cup on the table must leave the room and can’t come back until they have somehow altered their appearance (AKA “disguised” themselves).


10. When George Michael does something responsible, do something responsible and drink some water.


11. When Lucille Ostero gets a touch of vertigo, everyone must drop to the floor. The last person to drop takes a shot.


12. When Kitty lifts up her shirt, shout “Spring break!” and take a shot of tequila.


13. When Lucille insults someone right after claiming to do the opposite, take a drink.


14. Any time someone says, “I’ve made a huge mistake,” make a huge mistake of your own and chug your drink.


15. When Annyong says "annyong," take a drink (of juice).


16. When a title card reading "one day earlier..." (etc.) appears, take a shot.


17. When Gob does an "illusion," do an illusion of your own and make your drink disappear.


18. Any time Lucille’s rape horn is blown, the first person to shout “Rape!” gets to choose who drinks.


19. When Lindsay's ego causes her to misunderstand a situation, take two sips.


20. Drink any time someone has an unrealistic expectation of what something costs or what they can afford.


21. Any time a seal is mentioned, the last person to bark like a seal must chug an entire juicebox.


22. Any time you see Tobias’ cut-off shorts, the last person to shout “Dozens!” must remove an item of clothing.


23. When anyone imitates a chicken, everyone must get up and badly imitate a chicken as they finish their drink.

And that's it!

(Hollywire is not responsible for any injuries or deaths that may occur during the playing of this game.)


How long could you survive playing this Arrested Development drinking game?