The Wanted are dishing it all with Chelsea Handler –- from their beef with One Direction to which one “penetrated” Lindsay Lohan. Oh yeah, their Chelsea Lately appearance was definitely an interesting one!

Making the rounds to promote their party-filled-with-a-touch-of-music reality show The Wanted Life, the four guys (get well soon, Nathan!) stopped by Chelsea Lately, where the comedienne grilled them on their show and, more importantly, their sex lives. Max George even revealed he had some “questions” about 1D. Well, mainly one member (we’re guessing Louis) but hey -– that’s just a shot in the dark!

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the interview was entertaining all around, from Chelsea grilling the boys on how much they hooked up during the shoot to how Rihanna walks. "Confident and probably a little bit stoned," was the (probably spot-on) answer.

When the topic of fellow boy banders 1D was brought up, Jay kept it simple by saying, “We don’t listen to their music,” while it was Max who offered up a better explanation behind their feud –- kind of. “There seems to be an issue. It’s not just me. It’s mainly me, but it’s not all me. I think there’s a few questions that need to be asked of them, of a couple of them. I’m suspicious of one of his reasons,” Max said.

Wait, anyone else confused? Jay certainly was, by adding, “I’m a bit confused now, actually.”

Max continued, “No, I think it’s him that’s confused, one of those guys. But they’re all right. Definitely a couple of them are really sound and the others are… all right.”

What Max really cleared up is that he only thinks a few of the One Direction members are vocally talented and he thinks one is “confused.” We can all make our own assumptions about that one...

What did you think about The Wanted’s Chelsea Lately appearance?

And what do you think Max was talking about with One Direction?