When at Cannes, do as the French do ― show off your privates?

Europeans are notoriously more comfortable with nudity than Americans, so if a star is going to have a wardrobe malfunction, it may as well be at Cannes. Rosario Dawson and Eva Longoria had similar snafus in dresses slit-up-to-there… and by “there,” we all know exactly where we’re talking about, since we’ve now seen it. One of these ladies was wearing underwear, one was going commando ― meaning one of the photos is way more explicit than the other ― but both have us wondering: is this just the kind of thing a star does for attention in France?

Does it count as a “wardrobe malfunction” if it’s practically on purpose?

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Let’s break this down. Rosario attended the premiere of James Franco’s As I Lay Dying yesterday in a drop dead gorgeous Elie Saab dress… and, more importantly, panties. Given the very high slit on the dress, the fact that we got a peek at Rosario’s undergarments is hardly a “wardrobe malfunction” ― the dress functioned exactly as it was meant to, giving everyone an eyeful.

Rosario recently gave audiences an even more explicit eyeful in the Danny Boyle film Trance, which features a surprising use of her nudity. So this is probably not the biggest deal for the actress.

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A bigger stir was caused by Eva Longoria, who was trying to avoid ruining her gorgeous green gown in the rain. She ended up flashing her goodies for the cameras, and no, she was not wearing anything underneath. (Catch the more graphic snaps here.) Seriously, ladies, how many examples do we need before we learn this lesson?

On Sunday (the day after she flashed France), Eva tweeted a photo of attire for the evening with the caption: “Here's my dress for tonight! No wardrobe malfunctions tonight!!!”

But Eva ― the dress didn’t malfunction. You just decided to lift it up far enough for everyone to see what was underneath.

That’s not a wardrobe malfunction, that’s just plain old human error.

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We’d like to say this should serve as an example for other actresses, but at this point, who are we kidding? They’re just asking for it these days…

Do you think these were really wardrobe malfunctions?

Or do these ladies need to be more careful in these dresses?

Photos Courtesy of Getty and Fameflynet