Attention, geeks! Bravo nerded out last night by pairing up the stars of two of the most popular fanboy franchises out there, Star Trek and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Spock himself, Zachary Quinto, appeared to promote the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, while Alyson Hannigan showed up to shill… well, How I Met Your Mother, probably, but inevitably she spent most of her time talking about a show that’s been off the air ten years.

And even if it’s been a decade gone, that doesn’t mean some juicy backstage drama can’t still perk our ears up. Alyson took no less than three jabs at the slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, over the course of the show.

First off, let us say that Alyson Hannigan seems like one of the genuinely nicest celebrities out there (and tends to play softies, too). And we know she was trying to be diplomatic when faced with answering questions about her co-stars.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, meanwhile, has been widely reported as rather difficult on the Buffy set, sparking some tension with co-stars, so perhaps it’s no shocker to learn that she and Alyson aren’t exactly BFFs these days. The first mention of their chilly relationship is the mildest. After running down the list of Buffy collaborators she is still friendly with, host Andy Cohen had to remind her about Sarah. “No, we’re not in contact,” Alyson said, citing one baby-related email exchange as the extent of it.

Unfortunately, Alyson couldn’t seem to escape the subject of Sarah’s divaness in the rest of the show. In the show’s “Plead The Fifth” segment, when asked who was most annoyed about being on Buffy, Alyson said without hesitation, “Sarah!” before qualifying it with, “It was a lot of work…”

And when asked which season Sarah started hating Buffy, Alyson thought for a moment before deciding, “Three.” (Note to the non-fans out there: Buffy ran for seven seasons, which means four whole years of the star hating the series.)

Alyson certainly wasn’t out of line, merely answering the questions she was asked as honestly as she could. But if Sarah and Alyson aren’t exactly pals now, this Bravo appearance isn’t likely to bring them closer. In fact, their next meeting could go a little something like Dark Willow and Buffy's epic Season Six fight.

Luckily, Alyson came off as her usual nice self, even when telling the crazy story of a Buffy fan who showed up to her house with a literal gift horse. (What?!?)

As for Zachary’s appearance, there was a little less juice to squeeze, though we did learn a bit about his time on American Horror Story and how he got his signature eyebrows to be so Spock-like. (A wax/shaving combination.) Now we're just wondering about the “someone” he stole his shoes from…

What'd you think of Alyson's comments about Sarah?