The moment we’ve all been waiting finally arrived -– Taylor Swift’s much-buzzed about cameo on the season finale of New Girl aired last night, and her appearance last a whole 30 seconds. Wait, what? That isn’t at all what we expected and it’s making our own Chelsea Briggs scream “WTF?!”

Fox totally amped up Taylor’s appearance, having cast members gush about her, explain how amazing she was on set, how she nailed her takes, etc. But what leaves us so confused is the fact that her character’s name was Elaine and the episode was even titled “Elaine’s Day.” So why did we only get 30 seconds of T. Swifty? WTF, ya’ll?

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Sure, we get that Fox did all that promoting to make sure we Swifties were all snuggled up on our couches, sporting our best surprised faces for Taylor’s shining moment on screen. But come on, we’re still upset, guys!

New Girl star Jake Johnson totally talked Taylor up to Entertainment Weekly, saying, “She came in and is really nice. It’s not an easy scene. There were probably 70 extras there — though I’m sure she performs to so much bigger [crowds] than that on a regular basis. She had, like, a little monologue and delivered it perfectly. Liz gave her alternative jokes and lines, she delivered them all perfectly. It was frustrating!” You know what’s really frustrating though, Jake? Taylor’s whole appearance in general.

The lesson of the day: stick to YouTube -- HollywireTV to be exact – to get that Taylor fix you need.

Are you guys just as mad as we are about Taylor’s New Girl guest spot?