Who ever thought it could be so fun to see celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves?

Cyberspace is such a big place that you wouldn’t expect a big celebrity to ever see a nasty comment you make about them. (We may have written a not-super-nice thing or two about a few celebs… and we’re not apologizing, Chris Brown!) However, Jimmy Kimmel changes that by having the stars read these tweets about themselves on camera, which is all kinds of hilarious.

The fourth installment in this awesome series debuted last night, featuring Jessica Simpson, No Doubt, and plenty more facing the (mean) facts.

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We have to admit, some of these tweets are pretty funny, even if they are totally mean and we don’t agree with what they’re saying. (We might agree with one or two, though…)

In this bunch, Zach Braff gets called out for Garden State (probably in response to all that Kickstarter drama), Jessica Simpson is accused of gaining some major baby weight, and Andy Samberg is accused of having a “very big” nose.

A few of the celebs fire back with funny lines while others just look sad about it. The best of all is Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss, who gives her mean tweeter a well-deserved middle finger.

Which mean tweet did you disagree with most?

And whose response was your favorite?