Forget vampires –- werewolves are the ones we should go after, ladies!

Season Three of MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf premieres tonight after months of anticipation and teaser after teaser feeding our appetites for hot wolf-men. With the show taking a much darker turn from the previous two seasons, anything and everything could happen to Scott and the rest of the gang and we can't wait to see what's in store.

While we are always drawn to Teen Wolf’s suspenseful storylines, we have to point out the obvious draw –- have you seen the men on the show?! It’s hard not to drool, right? But they’re not the only hot werewolves to hit Hollywood. Take a look at eight werewolves we’d definitely howl for.

Tyler Posey – Teen Wolf

As lead character of the series, we can usually expect plenty of shirtless scenes from our favorite wolf in just about every episode.


Tyler Hoechlin – Teen Wolf

How’s this for an alpha male? Tyler plays the role of Derek in the MTV series, one guy you certainly don’t want to mess with. Instead just stare into his beautiful eyes -- or at his ripped bod -- from afar.


Taylor Lautner – Twilight

Come on, you knew this one was coming! Becoming a werewolf was Taylor’s claim to fame -- and how he showed off his rock hard abs in pretty much every scene of each Twilight movie. Not only is Jacob Black totally swoonworthy, but his good guy personality is something nobody can deny.

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Joe Manganiello – True Blood

Sookie is one person who should maybe back away from the guys with the fangs and go for the super tough wolves like Alcid! If you ever need someone to rescue you, this wolf should probably be the first person on your speed dial.


Michael Trevino – Vampire Diaries

If you’ve watched Vampire Diaries from the beginning, you remember what a total jerk Michael’s character Tyler was. But fast forward to him having to transform –- both physically and mentally –- and he’s a downright courageous man that we can’t help but fall for.


Seth Green – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Before Willow began her relationship with Tara, she had another sweet fan-favorite romance with this howl-worthy guy. Seth’s character Oz might not be totally ripped, but his adorable, geeky personality in Buffy makes him that much hotter.


Michael J Fox – Teen Wolf

This is a very different kind of Teen Wolf (think happier version). Sure, Scott had to deal with actually becoming a werewolf, but he also managed to work his way onto the high school basketball team, having everyone fall in love with him -– including us!


Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

Okay, he might not be the werewolf that comes to mind right away, being a mutant wolvreine technically. But with Hugh Jackman being the man portraying the comic book character, how could we not put him on the list?


To hold you over until Teen Wolf premieres tonight at 10 PM on MTV, here’s a little teaser that we know you’ll love!

Which werewolf in Hollywood is your favorite?