If this is actually real, the joke may have been us all along.

Alleged text message from Amanda Bynes to ex publicist Jonathan Jaxson were posted on his Twitter page, proving that all of her strange behavior, Twitter rants, outrageous photos and videos, etc. are all just an act to get her publicity for her next movie. Now, if you remember, Jonathon is the one who tweeted that he called the police to Amanda’s NYC apartment back in May, which lead to Jenny McCarthy tweeting her concern for the star. That, obviously, led to a short Twitter feud and then it was settled.

“Sooo @AmandaBynes has told me tonight that she has been “acting” this entire time on Twitter to get attention as she prepares for her next movie!” Jonathan tweeted last night, along with photos from his conversation with Amanda.

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“If you send me texts telling me you are doing this all as an act, I will let the world know. Especially when sooo many have been worried!” he wrote.

But here’s what doesn’t make sense – he first tweeted about his conversation with Amanda at 10:23 PM last night but her confession wasn’t until 11:31 PM. Sure, maybe there’s some sort of time zone difference that’s coming into play or maybe he was making it all up.

None of us are really sure what the truth is when it comes to Amanda, whether it is a publicity stunt or she really is at a rough place in her life. Her former Amanda Show co-star Drake Bell and Hairspray’s Nikki Blonsky have both come to her defense, saying that she is perfectly healthy and there’s absolutely nothing wrong. Here’s hoping that they’re right.

What do you think about this text conversation between Amanda and Jonathan?

Do you think it’s real or did he make it all up?